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Walking the Talk: Literary Community In 2021

Readings by Raja Freeman, Jonathan Conley, & Cori Winrock

Panel discussion featuring Ali Black, Stephanie Ginese, Reverend Dr. Leah Lewis,

Phil Metres, & Sarah Minor

Moderated by Mordecai Cargill, Third Space Action Lab

In the past year writers have reckoned with what it means to be connected through our biology, our books, and our live streams of court proceedings. How will Cleveland’s literary community apply these experiences across our teaching, writing, and organizing in the next few years? This panel will invite community members from regional literary nonprofits, community programs and universities to think collaboratively about the questions: How do each of us act as agents of change within deeply ingrained systems? What will “equity” and “inclusion” mean for our diverse and physically dispersed literary community in the future?

You can still view the full video of our Summer 2021 Inkubator Conference event.

This event is made possible with an ArtSTART grant from The Ohio Arts Council.

Sponsorship support provided by Assembly for the Arts.

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